What do you want more of?

I feel compelled to write this with the silly-season upon us and financial pressure in full-swing.

I am about to share a piece of my personal journey for those of you who are considering a life-change. 

About five years ago I lost most of my financial security. (Radio interview recordings here).
Since then I have been through many transitions.

I went through what I called my ‘Perfect Storm’ where not only did I lose everything I had worked for, I lost my mother at the same time, my home and my marriage.

Immediately after that I went through an ‘Awareness’ phase. I became aware of my thinking and what really mattered to me at a deep level; relationships, belongings, social circles, thinking.

I then went through a phase of ‘Shedding’. I shed so many things from my life that were not serving me. It was as though I could actually feel things peeling away from my body, soul and mind.

Next came a ‘Transition’ phase where I began to re-imagine my life. I found my own strength and a blossoming sense of courage to pursue what mattered to me. 

…And then my ‘Growth’ phase. I started my own business fulltime,  surrounded myself with like-minded people and shed clutter from my life.

I now live in a two bedroom fibrolite bach in the Coromandel of New Zealand. My possessions are limited, and I have the joy of both being at peace at my whare (house) and listening to the sea, or being out on the road, doing what I love… growing greatness in others

It is hard at times, I have had to re-boot my life on so many different levels…but I wouldn’t change any of my decisions. I have the life I need. I have two beautiful boys who are happy, independent and that I am so proud of. I have beautiful friendships and amazing support in my life.

So as you enter the New Year, a time when you ponder what you have done, become, given or received over the past year, consider what you want more of in your life?

How badly do you want it?

What will you gain by getting it?

What are you prepared to give-up to get it? 

To finish, I would like to leave you with one of my favourite quotes from Anais Nin

“And the time came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”

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