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What is your emotional wake?

It’s that time of the year in the southern hemisphere; when we are sick of the wet and cold and work seems to be all we do.

It is a time when our emotional wellbeing can get a little frayed around the edges. When relationships with colleagues can become tense; when we are running on empty; when we are not our usual ‘selves’.

During these times of heightened pressure, we need to be aware of our actions and how they may be affecting both those around us and ourselves. We need to be aware of our emotional wake; both externally and internally.

When I use the term ’emotional wake’ I am talking about the ripple (or wave) affect your emotional wellbeing can have on both others and yourselves. I’m sure you have experienced someone who when they enter a room, they can have either a positive or negative influence…even without saying a word! This is their emotional wake. 
What type of emotional wake do you leave behind you? Is it positive or negative? How large is it; a ripple or a tidal-wave? 

I also urge you to consider the wake you may be creating internally. What is the ‘itty-bitty-shitty-committee’ sitting on your shoulder saying that you may be listening to? What is their internal wake?

Furthermore, what is the emotional wake you are creating internally when you don’t create space around yourself, when you don’t eat well, when you don’t exercise, when you pour that extra glass of something to wash-away the day? How is that helping or hindering your wellbeing? 

Please don’t think for one minute I am preaching to you, that I think I’ve got this all sorted! I speak from a place of truth; I’ve been there and know that ‘balance’ is a constant journey, not a destination. 

I am suggesting that maybe as a step towards raising your consciousness around this, you start to notice how your emotional wake is affecting both yourself and others. That you consciously choose to live above the line, to level-up your thinking so that you create a positive wake both internally and externally.

It may start with listening to some music on the way to work that will raise your spirits, or even stopping during the working day and going for a quick 10 minute walk around the block.

Find something that you can do to shift your mindset, so you can be more in-control of the type and volume of the emotional wake you leave behind.


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