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What’s your emotional diet looking like?

Millions of dollars are spent across the country each year on our nutritional diet.

Otago University publishes an annual survey of food costs. The most recent survey in 2017 estimates the weekly food budget for a couple and two teenage children in Auckland as $244 for a basic diet, $319 for a moderate diet and $382 for a liberal diet.

We think about what we will eat; we plan for it, create it and then commune around it. Our nutritional diet can take a lot of our thought-space.

If we were to compare our nutritional diet with how much we think-about, plan for, create and commune around our emotional diet, I wonder what the time ratio might look like.

What thoughts, emotions and behaviours are we ‘feeding’ ourself, or being ‘fed’ by others?

  • To what extent are we feeding ourselves negative thoughts “I’ll get it wrong”, “I can’t do it”

  • How might we be repeating patterns of emoting and behaviour that are hindering our growth?

  • Are we surrounding ourselves with negative influences that drain our energy or have us thinking ill of others?

As you go forward this week, I encourage you to take some time to review your emotional diet.

  • Are you choosing emotionally healthy options?

  • What do you need to take out of your diet?

  • What do you need to minimise?

  • What do you need more of?

Go well this week amazing people!
Mary-Anne 🙂

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