2022 Aspirations or Apparitions?

As New Year’s countdown begins, people around the world can be heard setting their resolutions, intentions or goals.

Often the next day, we might witness people pounding pavements with a look of near-death on their face, others stoically refusing that second piece of cake or glass of vino, or some launching into a new-found endeavour.

For many, however, after a few weeks, this wanes and the streets become emptier, cakes and vino miraculously disappear, and new endeavours become hard graft.

In my (sometimes) successful experience in this realm, I have come to understand two crucial factors are required to realise goals.

  1. To get, I need to release.
  2. Systems trump stoicism

Let me explain…

In her book “Light is the new Black”, Rebecca Campbell states “Whatever we leave empty, grace will fill”. The clincher is, we need to create space for new things to enter. As an example, if we say we want to nurture our wellbeing, we also need to release time from elsewhere to enable this. This may also include knowing when to stop working in order to create space for ourselves. In doing so, it may not be all plain-sailing. We will be ‘tested’. When we create a space, the universe (or whatever you believe in) may well place a similar option to the previous in front of you. That is, it may provide you with an opportunity to nurture wellbeing in the workplace… but not necessarily your own wellbeing. It can be a bit sneaky like that! 😉 So, to get, you need to release… but be wary of any ‘tricks’ that test your resolve.

James Clear, author of Atomic Habits states “You do not rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your systems”. #deep! But in a nutshell, he is saying that with the best of intentions, we set amazing goals that inspire us to get into action, and off we go…only to fall-over because our systems are not such that support the new goal. Despite all our stoicism and doggedness it won’t work. We have placed a new goal atop an old system #splat!

So believe me, I speak from years of goal and intention-setting experience, and many flops. If you really want to set and master your aspirations in 2022, two key elements to remember are:

  1. To get, you need to release.
  2. Systems trump stoicism

You’ve got this!

MA 🙂

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