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Who is Mary-Anne?

My Mahi.

I am passionate about growing greatness in others. I do this through my work with leaders, teams, and youth.

In order to become leaders, we need to develop from the inside-out. We need to do the work within, so that we can effectively partner with, and lead others.

This requires us to explore our own identity, values and beliefs to better understand who we are and how we wish to lead. When we are grounded in this awareness, we are able to lead from a place of inner strength and purpose.

Leading can be hard. It can test the very core of who you are and what you believe. Having emotional intelligence is key to navigating the complexities of leadership.

The people part of leadership it what spins my wheels.

My superpowers are

  • Identifying and amplifying personal and collective strengths.
  • Energy and innovation.
  • Research-based, and practically minded.
  • My strong back, soft front, agile feet, and wicked sense of humour. 

And I want you to amplify your superpowers.

I bring over 25 years’ experience working with leaders from my times as a primary school principal, secondary school HOD, secondary school professional learning leader, organisational development partner for an international tertiary organisation, national and international-level facilitator, speaker and qualified coach.
A lover of learning, I seek alternative information, question the unquestioned, and bring a creative and innovative flair to my work.

Thought leadership is my strength.

I am also RocheMartin’s Emotional Intelligence for Leadership lead coach, trainer and assessor for New Zealand. I am also a certified NLP and mBraining coach. This work underpins my approach.
My qualifications include: Masters Ed. Leadership, Graduate Diploma of IT in Education, Graduate Diploma the Arts, Bachelor of Education, Diploma of Teaching.

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