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Are you outsourcing your trust?

Pantry - Are your outsourcing your trust?

As someone who journeys alongside leaders in support of their development, I too need someone to coach and mentor me. 

During a recent session with my own coach, I came to an insight that I thought I’d share with you in case it resonates.

I was sharing about how I can sometimes get into a state of confusion and overwhelm which then leads to performance paralysis. This occurs for me for two major reasons; the curse of knowledge, and trusting myself and my own experiences and knowledge (yes after years of doing this mahi, I still have times of self doubt).

As we talked about my experience, we came to a food-related analogy.

When I open my own pantry, what ingredients do I see? Do I see a near empty pantry, an abundance of ingredients, or maybe a place between the two? 

When I look in someone else’s pantry, does it make me feel inadequate, or blessed to know them and receive their gifts?

How often am I replenishing my own pantry?

How many dishes can I make with the ingredients in my pantry?

What are my favourite dishes? How often do I experience these?

When I look in my pantry, do I think someone else can do it better and outsource my knowledge, experience and skills to others before I use my own skills?

Do I know when it is timely to ask to borrow something from someone else’s pantry?

Some questions to support your reflections this week.

How are you recognising and using your own gifts, experience and knowledge? 

Is it time to recognize what’s in your pantry?

Go well Amazing Ones


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Middle Leader Coaching and Mentoring

Are you a leader of an organisation or school who is intent on growing your middle leaders, but not quite sure how?

Are you spending time mentoring and coaching them on-the-hop and feel you could be supporting them better?

Maybe with the best of intent, you place them on a one-day course, but these are like a drop in the ocean; they provide some tools, but once back in the face of work, their use can fall-over. This leaves them feeling frustrated and confused, and can sometimes make an even bigger problem for you to deal with, and will eat into your already precious time.

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  1. I know where most things are in my pantry but is probably overdue a clean out, a reorganisation, and probably a refresh on some things. Would love someone to share their ideas with me.

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