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Are you ‘Trigger’-happy?

We all have them… things that trigger us to respond in a certain way.

Often, they are linked to past experiences that trigger a deep emotional response within us. These responses can sometimes come out of the blue, or simmer over a period of time.

A bit like a spark in our brain, heart or gut, triggers can be a word, a look, a sound, smell, physical feeling or even a sense that can be triggered to ignite. These triggers can evoke both positive and negative responses.

Are you 'Trigger'- happy_link between emotions and reaction

Let me explain by showing how events can eventuate to unhelpful behaviours.

As leaders, it is often the negative responses from ourselves or our team that can take up most of our time and energy because of how they manifest in behaviour.

Recognising both our own triggers, and those for whom we lead can help us navigate the complexities of our collective humanness.

The key is to recognise when we are triggered and hold it away from us and look at it with our logical brain (as opposed to our emotive brain).

Asking ourselves and others the following questions can support us to overcome ‘trigger’-happy thoughts and behaviours.

Is it true?

Is it Helpful?

Is it Important?

Is it Necessary?

Is it Kind?

So as you move into your weekend and this coming week, start to notice your triggers and how they manifest in your thinking and behaviour.

Then trying THINKing first.

And know that I too will be joining you 😉

With much aroha.

MA 🙂

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