How do you create a sense of ‘belonging’ in your workplace?

It’s Mental Health Awareness week in New Zealand. Wellbeing and Mental Distress in Aotearoa New Zealand:Snapshot 2016, published in 2018 found the following: The enormity of these findings can seem overwhelming, but there are things that we, as leaders, can do to support wellbeing within our organisations. In his book

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Creating a “Culture of Care” in your workplace.

In April 2016 Lawyer Mai Chen stated that “Mental health in the workplace is the new frontier for health and safety”. Whilst some organisations have actively sought to address this, others have ‘dipped their toes’, whilst some have completely ignored it. The Health and Safety Act that came into effect

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Self Leadership: Maintaining emotional equilibrium

Being a leader requires one to maintain a steady ship, not only within the work environment, but also within oneself. At times, either of these can be challenging. So what happens when we are in stormy seas, and how do we keep afloat? Let’s take the analogy of a boat

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Protect your energy.

This is the time of year when school teachers and leaders take a wee break during the school holidays, and many people flee from the wet and cold to more tropical climates to rejuvenate.  Replenishing our energy is vital to our wellbeing. For some people, and in particular Empaths, it

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Do you ‘Dump’, ‘Develop’ or ‘Delegate’?

To ‘Delegate’ means to “authorise, assign, entrust and empower”. As leaders we know it is an important skill; both for our own wellbeing and also to build capability and a sense of community and commitment in those we lead… But why is it so hard for some of us to

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Mental models or lenses we look through at our world are a bit like wearing tinted glasses. We can look through brown tinted, rose, yellow or just plain polarised lenses. Each lens gives us a different perspective on our world. The way we look at our world depends on which

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Embrace the ‘Space’

Without fear, without discomfort, without doubt… what is there to overcome? Serena Williams When watching a recent documentary about Serena Williams, this quote resonated. We all experience these feelings at different times; usually when we are moving through a time of transition. It is easy for us to try and

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Culture Contaminants: No Complaints Zone

On my trek to Everest Base camp I experienced the most profound beauty, met people from across the world, and lived amongst a culture of people with deep resilience and gratitude.  It was interesting to watch people when trekking. Whilst many of them were full of gratitude and aroha for

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Who loves who the most?

I don’t usually comment publicly on political matters, but the recent salary negotiations between teachers and the MOE has compelled me to vocalize. I have seen many changes across my time working in both primary and secondary sectors as both a teacher and leader, and now partnering with schools as

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Are you your own worst enemy?

When recently trekking to Everest Basecamp, we needed to keep optimal health in order to ensure we reached our destination. This meant drinking up to 4 litres of water a day to oxygenate our blood to counteract the effects of altitude, eating a vegan diet, limiting our energy expenditure outside

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