Know when to hold ’em know when to fold ’em.

‘Wellbeing’ is a term with many interconnecting facets.

One emotional and mental strain that can affect our wellbeing is taking-on stuff that isn’t ours to ‘carry’.

This can take different forms:

  • worrying about stuff that we have no control over
  • taking responsibility for things that we have no direct impact-on
  • concerning ourselves with things that are far removed from our current situation
  • continually rescuing others or taking-on someone’s ‘drama’

These are energy-depleting depleting behaviours.

A technique we can use to determine what is ours to own or not, is the
three-circles approach.

Consider the things that are directly in your control and you have direct influence over; place these in the green circle.
Place the things you have some influence and control over in the orange circle.
Lastly place the things you have no control or influence over in the red circle.

This process requires an honest approach; keep it real.

Below is an example of how it might look:

When you find your wellbeing compromised, consider using the three-circles approach to support you in determining when to hold ’em, or when to fold ’em.

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