Be kind

At the end of each of her show’s Ellen DeGeneres says “Be kind”. 

You don’t have to go far today to find T-shirts, art work and numerous stationery items that state this or something similar. Our consciousness around this concept is growing.

I do however wonder if this only goes one-way for some of us. Do we actually stop to reflect on whether we are being kind to ourselves?

Here are a few questions to support your self-reflection…

  • Do you place mammoth expectations on yourself to get things achieved in unrealistic time-frames?
  • Do you hold-back from sharing how you are feeling?
  • Do you use language such as “I should” or “I’ve got to?”
  • Do you drive yourself to the brink of near burnout?
  • Is your internal voice harsh and derogatory?
  • Do you allow energy vampires to suck the life-blood from you?
  • Do you often place work ahead of you-time or family/friend time?
  • Do you let people come into your life who don’t honour you?

…and the list goes on.


These are all forms of self-sabotage. Self-awareness and self-kindness are major antidotes to this.

As well as putting kindness out, how about you turn your attention inward and send a little kindness inside?

How about you give yourself permission to:

  • Ask for help
  • Take some time-out
  • Do something for yourself
  • Say “no”
  • Say “yes”
  • Say “enough!”

This week let’s turn a little of that kindness inward.

Take it deep into your heart-space and honour yourself for the incredible person you are.


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