Reimagining work and life.

Over the Covid19 shutdown, I found myself re-thinking many elements of my life. This has caused me to make some major decisions about where I wish to live, who I wish to surround myself with, and how I wish to honour not only my clients, but myself even more. After many conversations, I know many of you have also taken this time to re-think how you will navigate your lives as you move forward.

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Thank you – it’s that simple

Queues, wait time, protocols, guidelines…These words have become part of our new-normal. With these types of necessary restrictions placed on us, it can be easy to get annoyed, frustrated and fault-find when our life has been disrupted.

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Welcome to Level 2!

Level 2 has dawned and we begin to enter into our new-normal. As we hopefully wave goodbye to Levels 3 and 4, I’d like to reflect on some of the lighter sides of our lockdown from some very creative humans… Lockdown… When we all made like ‘little piggy’… When shopping

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Ensuring psychological safety in virtual working

Click. Click. Have you just paid someone up to $200,000 for taking their photo?

What if our privacy is breached without us knowing? Subsequently discovering images, content or comments of ourselves online that we never placed there. 

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Video conferencing Fatigue

Work from home.

Sign up to the best apps.

Get online and communicate with your team. 

In our team environment, we are leaders and teams that move around the space, engaged with each other and students, taking both verbal and non-verbal communication cues from each other.

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Cocoon to ‘Butterfly’ or ‘Back to normal’?

We have been in a cocoon-like state. We have been wrapped in a protective ‘bubble’. Inside this bubble, we have brought our nearest and dearest. We have cried, fought, laughed, created and loved. The outside world was there, but somewhat distant in both a physical and metaphorical sense.

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