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2022 Aspirations or Apparitions?

As New Year’s countdown begins, people around the world can be heard setting their resolutions, intentions or goals. Often the next day, we might witness people pounding pavements with a look of near-death on their face, others stoically refusing that second piece of cake or glass of vino, or some

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There was a time in my recent history when I lost everything I owned. I also inherited a pile of debt to try and fund. The details of this are a story I share sparingly as part of my mahi. But in the near past, this time of year brought

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Put it in it’s box

I don’t know about you, but there are times when I have so many plates spinning that it can get a wee bit overwhelming at times. You know, when you feel like you are being pulled in multiple directions, with, what feels like, a million and one things on your

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Listen to the kōrero

Growing up I never had nearby Grandparents. My father’s parents, from Taranaki, had passed-on, and my mother’s parents were around, but living in Rangiora, where she was born and raised.  And so, I had a lot of adopted whānau. Cathy down the road, who was like an older sister, and

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The Opposites ‘Game’

Sometimes navigating this thing called life can be tricky. Over our lifetime, we compile a compendium of behaviours and responses to different situations. These became our go-to patterns of behaviour. We use these to keep us safe, because they’ve worked before in other situations, and quite frankly, they can sometimes

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What’s your ripple effect?

I was out walking with friends last Sunday. The sun was shining and it felt like there was a buzz in the air. People were picnicking and boaties were lining up, waiting for their turn to launch. As we rounded the harbour, we saw the stream of boats making their

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Playing beyond our strengths.

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