What circles are you operating from?

This week I send a simple message in the hope it may provide a point of reflection. During these unknown times, it is easy to get overwhelmed, to live into the future, to try and predict what may happen or to take-on angst for things that we have no control

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Leadership in times of complexity

Currently this is a time of unprecedented complexity as more and more information comes to hand around Covid19.

As leaders, you navigate competing demands to make the best decision with current information at hand. It’s complex.

There are key qualities I see a leader needs during complex times such as these.

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Common Enemy Intimacy and Enlisting

Picture this:

Person A sits alongside Person B in the staffroom and after light conversation states “Hey have you noticed how Person C never takes part in any staff functions. That’s a bit rude don’t you think?”


Person A states to Person B “I’m not sure they are right for that role. They don’t have this or that. You see that don’t you?”

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Own it!

I admit it. Occasionally when I want utterly mind-numbing viewing I watch reality TV. I know, a woman with more degrees than shoes, yet watches this utter trash. I do so to send my brain into sleep mode. Mostly it works, but occasionally it works in reverse.

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Making connections, it’s deeper than being visible.

Life and leadership can get very rushed. Many people to connect with, work to do, conversations to be had and decisions to make. You shift from one interaction to another in successive syncopates throughout the day. As leaders we can strive to be accessible, available, visible. But does this necessarily

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Are you giving your power away?

Let’s say there are two types of people in the world (a huge generalisation I know, but bear with me); those who are “at effect” and those who are “at cause” in their life. Each group of people use language and see the world differently. For those people who are

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