Do women inherently possess higher emotional intelligence than men?

I spend a lot of time around people, whether it’s on a plane, in a cafe, in a staffroom, or just general life admin. Sometimes, I can’t help overhearing pieces of conversations (honestly I’m not eavesdropping!). Some of the conversations centre around discussing partners or workmates. Often, these conversations include

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How do I ‘get’ this thing called Emotional Intelligence?

It’s not often people go around trying to ‘get’ or ‘catch’ something. We take vitamins, isolate ourselves, or label our drink bottles in an effort to avoid catching something. But, this thing called Emotional Intelligence is fast becoming the thing that a lot of people want to ‘get’. Take for

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Rising Together

I am privileged to be part of a Hood…a Sisterhood. It is a sacred community and one never to take for granted. At 53, I look back on my experiences so far and consider, what legacy I would like to leave other women coming through the generations. What lessons have

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Emotional intelligence is more than recognising, labelling, and responding to our own emotions

Building our emotional intelligence is wider and deeper than a lot of people consider. While acknowledging and navigating our internal emotional landscape is essential, true emotional intelligence goes beyond self-awareness. It encompasses critical skills such as engaging in crucial conversations, demonstrating empathy, fostering relationships, setting and achieving personal goals, maintaining

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Freeze Frame

“Let thy speech be short, comprehending much in a few words”. Apocrypha. Recently while waiting for a car service I wandered into a shop and came across a book that caught my attention and prompted the question: “If you chose to write one line that reflected your day today, what

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Going Bush

With a water sign as a Cancerian and a lifetime on the land, I am comfortable both at sea, in the bush and on a mountain. So when the Christmas break came about, I was yearning to reground myself… this time on land. A friend of mine had been doing

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Playing beyond our strengths.

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