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Is your organisational culture infected?

The term “virus” has taken a more profound meaning in current times. Covid19 virus continues to infect and decimate humankind across the world. It’s effects have not only impacted human mortality, but has also infected finances, work, housing, relationships; and so much more.

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“The Meaning Of Communication Is The Response That You Get.”

When people don’t hear things the way we intended, we can sometimes be quick to point the finger. We can place blame on them for their lack of listening, or for taking things too personally.

The thing is, if we take responsibility for the response that we get from our communication, it puts us in a position of being able to change that response.

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Listening with your Being.

Have you ever felt that despite someone looking at you, and acting as though they were listening, they weren’t engaged?

Listening with your whole being helps us to understand people and show empathy towards them. It is an art/craft that can be developed with conscious effort and practice.

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Is fear sitting in your driver’s seat?

The purpose of fear is to protect us. Primally, it is there to protect us from threat; either real or perceived. Issues can however arise, when we constantly see perceived threats as reality. This causes anxiety, second-guessing, avoidance, procrastination, and unhelpful reactions.

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There are no ‘bad’ emotions

In a world where complexity has become our norm and agility a precious capability, our ability to regulate emotions has become crucial to our wellbeing.

When we wish-away or suppress our difficult emotions, we are closing the door on emotions that are an integral part of our humanness.

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Gaslighting in the workplace

Gaslighting is a form of psychological abuse that causes you to doubt your own sanity, perception of reality or memories.

Today I share advice on how to deal with gaslighting in the workplace.

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