Who’s holding the spoon?

As people leaders, we are in the business of cultivating human potential. This is about creating an environment where people feel they can do their best work and can be supported in the process.
When this type of environment is created, we see productive and creative results flow.

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What size are yours?

We all have them.
They can differ in sizes: from the meagre thong, to the under-the-armpit knee-reaching kind.
And to be honest, I haven’t yet met someone who goes ‘commando’ in this realm.

I’m talking about “Judgy-pants”.

You see, “Judgy-pants” come in different sizes.

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Have you become the drama-dumping ground?

If we ‘allow’ people to dump their drama on us, then that is what they will continue to do.

So if you find that, with the best of intent, you have created this for yourself, then here are a few tips to help you gently re-set some boundaries, and support them to reframe their thinking.

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Is scarcity mindset stealing your mojo

I am guilty, your honour.
Caught in the act. Red-handed. Nabbed.
I am guilty.
Guilty of a scarcity mindset (at times).

Scarcity is a mindset that feeds off your life-blood. It makes you small. Powerless. Weak. Needy.

It is the mindset that tells you wicked things. “Not enough” is it’s catch-phrase.

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