Re-calibrate yourself and your team

Sometimes things get messy. Sometimes we get caught up in the fine details that we can’t see the wood for the trees. And then sometimes as leaders we need to step back and have a good look at how to make things simple again.

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Language and your organisation’s culture.

Have you ever heard yourself or someone using phrases like “It always happens”, “Everyone thinks that” or “Nothing is working”? There is a special term for these gems; “Absolutist words”.

These words suggest a majority, and when used in an unqualified manner to gain consensus-thinking, can have a detrimental and even toxic impact on organisational culture.

Let’s put this into a context to help you understand how it can snowball…

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Collaboration archetypes

The Rescuer The meetingThe discussionThe question“So who wants to take charge of this part?”The silenceThe silence…aaaannnd the silence. The look around.The guilt, frustration or excitement.The response“I don’t mind doing it”(or something to that effect). The workload reflection.The realization.The silent “Oh sh#*t” moment.The panic.The blame.The anger.The overwhelm. OR The avoider The

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Collaboration overwhelm

Collaboration; it’s a way of our working life. According to the Harvard Business Review, collaborative responsibilities now take up around 80 percent of the average working day. Collaboration requires conversations, meetings, slack messages, trello boards, huddles, virtual meetings, shared docs, etc. Sometimes these collaborative ways of working can be time-taxing

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The C-word.

Now don’t go getting your knickers in a knot! It’s not a naughty word! This week’s serving of sh*t-shifting goodness is around ‘Collaboration’. Specifically, I explore the question “How do I maintain a sense of identity and autonomy when working collaboratively?” Collaboration is the ‘new’ way of working. It can include

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Sticking it to self-doubt

It can hold you in it’s steely grip.
Squeeze the life blood from you until you are a shell of yourself.
Cause you to toss and turn with sleepless nights.
Send you into yourself, fearful of the world.
Bring you to your knees, until…

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