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Stepping Beyond Fear

For the past year of living in my ‘new’ whare, I have been dreaming and scheming.I have been visualising how I want to recreate the space to make it my own. I have poured over pinterest boards, surfed websites, and roved home-related shops. I have never done a major reno

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Leading the “emotionally taxing” team member

We all have ‘stuff’ going-on in our lives. Our world is full of events that can cause distress.  This has certainly been enhanced in recent times! Add social media to the mix, and we can experience one hell of a drama cess-pool. At times it can be difficult to keep

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Leading from all 3 of our brains

Call it instinct, a hunch, a sense, a gut reaction, intuition has, in past worlds of work been shut-down as unreliable, flakey or new-age. This has resulted in unbalanced leadership where decisions were based on facts only and any sense of heart or intuitive sense was denied voice.  Unfortunately this

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If it feels hard, then it is.

Do you ever find that there are times when something you are working on flows easily and smoothly, yet other times it can feel like a real grind? We all know this feeling. Right? It’s a bit like trying to walk through mud backwards with your gumboots on! No matter

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