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Are you ‘Trigger’-happy?

A bit like a spark in our brain, heart or gut, triggers can be a word, a look, a sound, smell, physical feeling or even a sense that can be triggered to ignite. These triggers can evoke both positive and negative reactions.

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Service or Servant?

For many, our job is our calling. Being of service is often underpinned by a deep desire to make a positive contribution to others and our world. It is not entirely self-less, as we also get a kick-back from knowing we have made a difference.

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Is it Personal or Professional?

To state the obvious, the year has begun.
We have had time to regroup, and connect with new colleagues (albeit interrupted with lockdowns).

‘Ways of working’ agreements have been reviewed or created, systems and processes explained and we have settled into doing the mahi. Tuckman calls this the Forming stage of team development.

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Are you outsourcing your trust?

As someone who journeys alongside leaders in support of their development, I too need someone to coach and mentor me.

During a recent session with my own coach, I came to an insight that I thought I’d share with you in case it resonates.

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