What’s your “good juju” ratio when communicating?

Radio, TV, social media, websites, conversations; Covid19 is all-encompassing. From our bubbles, we see hardship, despair and death. It is easy to get overwhelmed and let the devastation become the only thing we see and communicate about. As leaders, we need to be mindful of how much of this we

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Living in ‘the Space’.

These changing and unprecedented times are affording us to slow down, reconnect, and spend more time in ‘the Space’. Whilst working from my humble seaside home in the Coromandel I have enjoyed time to exercise more consistently, work more mindfully and connect more deeply. I have spent time listening to

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Covid19 Guilt

“Survivors guilt” is a term associated with people who survive a traumatic event that took others’ lives. It is fraught with an overwhelming sense that one cannot enjoy one’s life because one survived, when others didn’t. It is a guilt that can be highly debilitating and life crippling. I am

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What circles are you operating from?

This week I send a simple message in the hope it may provide a point of reflection. During these unknown times, it is easy to get overwhelmed, to live into the future, to try and predict what may happen or to take-on angst for things that we have no control

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Leadership in times of complexity

Currently this is a time of unprecedented complexity as more and more information comes to hand around Covid19.

As leaders, you navigate competing demands to make the best decision with current information at hand. It’s complex.

There are key qualities I see a leader needs during complex times such as these.

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Common Enemy Intimacy and Enlisting

Picture this:

Person A sits alongside Person B in the staffroom and after light conversation states “Hey have you noticed how Person C never takes part in any staff functions. That’s a bit rude don’t you think?”


Person A states to Person B “I’m not sure they are right for that role. They don’t have this or that. You see that don’t you?”

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