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It’s normal to do a bit of ‘Storming’.

I have been recently bringing onboard some incredible facilitators into my MoE accredited Professional Learning and Development business Momentum Learning Ltd.

We are currently in the process of transitioning, where we are learning about each other, navigating the terrain of our specialised work and going through the systems and processes or our mahi as we prepare for 2021.

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Soft and Strong – embracing a new style of leadership

Welcome to the new wave of feminine leadership. Soft and Strong Leadership is about challenging and disrupting the norms of leadership, and paving a way for our future leaders to walk upon.  She is a celebration and balance of our masculine and feminine, light and shadow, soft and strong energies.

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Too much emotional intelligence – is that a thing?

This question was recently posed by CEO of HRNZ Nick McKissack, and what a great question to ask!

Firstly we need to consider our understanding of emotional intelligence. Emotional Intelligence is not just about empathy. It is a set of emotional and social skills that support us to understand and manage our own emotions and to use this understanding to relate with others.

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Why Emotional Intelligence development is crucial in the future of work.

Emotional Intelligence development is pivotal in preparing our people for their future.

Understanding our emotions, their impact on our behaviour and on those around us is central. Without this awareness, we can be like a bull in a china shop, creating chaos in our own and other’s worlds.

But it is so much more than that!

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