Kotahitanga: Unity

I sit writing this post after a few weeks back into the work year. My heart is full of gratitude. Over the past weeks, I have worked with the most incredible people. Prior to our days together we have planned, discussed, shared and collaborated. This is hours of mahi that

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What’s in a word?

Each year people set themselves goals. To get fitter, spend more time with family and friends, get to that next level at work, grow their own veggies – the list is limitless. I tend to, however, choose the path of setting an intention for the year. This intention is not

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What does it take?

I had an inkling that 2024 would be a year of profound transformation for me, but the revelations I’ve recently encountered have exceeded my expectations. This year holds exciting opportunities for me, including collaborating with valued clients, delving back into face-to-face workshops, providing Emotional Capital training for RocheMartin, relaunching my

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Thank you 2023

I wish to end this year in the way I will continue ahead… with courage, vulnerability and a wee bit of sass. 😉 2023 has been hard… for many…me included. Weather events2023 has seen some major weather events that have not only affected the environment but have had some major

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Embracing Boredom and Being

The holiday season is nearing and this also means that schools take a well-deserved break.As parents and caregivers consider the time ahead, some are already quivering at the thought of filling the endless hours to keep their children happy, occupied, and preferably not maiming each other.  As a young child,

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Unveiling the Unseen Burdens: Fostering Empathy for a Brighter Tomorrow

Have you ever taken a moment to reflect on the concealed burden that accompanies each individual throughout their life journey? In a recent conversation with a leader, the term “Invisible Backpack” was used to articulate their approach in working with others. This metaphorical backpack is not crafted from tangible materials;

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Playing beyond our strengths.

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