Re-imagining messages about work-habits.

Traditional New Zealand work-ethics were built on the tenets of humility and hard-work. This built resiliency, self-discipline and self-motivation.  Going over and beyond, and working long hours were esteemed traits that saw people regarded as being of ‘good character’. Over subsequent generations, these traits continue to be valued in some of our

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Hell No! …and Hell YES!

This has been a week of contradictions. They have come in the form of the words “No” and it’s counterpart “Yes”. Hell No!“No” appeared in the form of boundaries; setting and restating. As teams of people working towards a common goal, we operate in a way akin to breathing; we

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Performing under pressure

In his book “Perform Under Pressure”, Dr Ceri Evans speaks of how we can change the way we feel, think and act under pressure. Richie McCaw has written the forward and speaks of how his Dr Evan’s coaching methods influenced his play and thinking in successive Rugby World Cup competitions.

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Know when to hold ’em know when to fold ’em.

‘Wellbeing’ is a term with many interconnecting facets. One emotional and mental strain that can affect our wellbeing is taking-on stuff that isn’t ours to ‘carry’. This can take different forms: worrying about stuff that we have no control over taking responsibility for things that we have no direct impact-on

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Yesterday is not a day too soon.

This past week I have had the privilege of: Speaking to over 100 staff at Cambridge High School about ‘Growing emotionally intelligent teens’. Speaking at an AP/DP conference on having “Critical Conversations” and “Developing agency in our learners”. Checking-in with the Emotional Intelligence research I am co-ordinating with a primary

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Owning our stuff and getting ok with mistakes.

It was 5.30pm and I was on my way from a day training to pick-up some printing for the following day. As per normal, I had emailed the printing through the afternoon with instructions on how I needed it collated and when I would be in to pick it up.

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