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What does it mean to be a team player?

Connecting a group of people for a common purpose requires both skill and strategy.  Underpinned by a common why, shared values, and deliberate acts of collaboration, teamwork requires constant nurturing by all. Each team member needs to be invested in being a team player for the team to operate in

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I LOVE listening to stories. As a child, I would sit on my Dad’s knee and listen to the yarns he and his mates used to spin.  Growing up, I loved writing stories. I would find any scrap piece of paper or leftover schoolbook to create magical moments in writing.

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Reconnecting with your purpose

I have a belief that we are born into this world with gifts to share, and a purpose to fulfil. Let me explain. Over our lifetime, we may have multiple jobs and roles. But beneath the titles and actions, there may be a deeper meaning that flows. It is a

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It is time.

Easter break is upon us.  It is a time to rest and replenish.  The beginning of 2022 has been hard for many. It has challenged us mentally, physically and spiritually. So it is time to take a breath. To stop. To reflect. To reconnect. To recharge. To support you with this,

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Working with the Narcissist

The noun narcissist refers to someone intensely concerned with only his or her own self or interests and who seems to forget that others exist. The noun narcissist today means someone only concerned with his or her own interests or predicament and its origin is from Greek mythology. Narcissus was

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Working with the Control Freak

Do you know of, or maybe you are someone who shows the following traits: Has to have the last word on everything Unemotional Rigid A desperate need to control everything around them Never delegates Always needs to be right With the best of intent, some people can become accidental diminishers

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Working with the Constant Critic

It takes all kinds of people to make up this world.  Some characters, however, are easier than others to work with. Often the more difficult personalities to work with become pronounced in our minds, taking up space and energy, and generally making working with them unpleasant, and sometimes unbearable. One

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Psychological Safety in the Workplace

With the move to hybrid ways of working, exhausted front-liners, and segregated work environments, organisational culture can be at risk of becoming disconnected from their people. Separated teams limiting their cross-connection in an effort to minimise the potential impact of an omicron outbreak, creates silos. Frazzled people covering for each

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Are you a consumer or creator?

It’s easy to trawl social media channels and find numerous pieces of content. Slick graphics, catchy titles and information that can inspire. It’s easy to listen to an ‘expert’ and hold onto their every word. It’s also easy to critique a piece of content, without coming up with your own

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When your mojo gets up ‘n goes

I got into my mahi because I love making a positive difference in people’s lives. I want to see people strive to be, and bring the best version of themselves to their lives and work. My wish is that humans, despite life’s curveballs, rise, dust themselves off, and continue to

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