Cocoon to ‘Butterfly’ or ‘Back to normal’?

Nature provides us with ancient wisdom.

In our hurried lives, we may not notice it’s lessons.

In this in-between time, I invite you to use its wisdom to explore how you wish to move forward beyond the Level 4 Covid19 shutdown.

We have been in a cocoon-like state. We have been wrapped in a protective ‘bubble’. Inside this bubble, we have brought our nearest and dearest. We have cried, fought, laughed, created and loved. The outside world was there, but somewhat distant in both a physical and metaphorical sense.

Inside this protective bubble, there have also been some hard times. Lack of income and loss of jobs, lack of physical contact with those not in one’s bubble, fear, confusion, anxiety, anger, desperation, depression and a sense of helplessness.

Many people have used this time to physically clean-out their environment (although dumping at second-hand places is NOT ok!). Some people have been re-learning old skills, whilst others are doing things on their “if only I had time” list. It has also been a time of creativity, reflection and reawakening.

And we are now faced with the prospect of coming out of our protective bubbles. Of slowly coming out of our cocoon-like state and reintegrating with our world.
The thought can be both exciting and scary. As we reconnect with our loved ones and friends, we may have a newfound appreciation for them and a resolution to connect more meaningfully. We may also have reflected on who or what we don’t want in our ‘bubbles’ moving forward.

We will also be entering a world that has changed. A world that has been brought to its knees, but has also shown huge strength and unity. It is bruised and battered, yet like the phoenix will rise again. But how will it be different? What lessons can we learn from this time?

And you yourself may also have changed. As you step beyond your doorstep, you may do so with new eyes, new ears, and a new intent.

  • What learnings will you bring forward as you do so?
  • What will you do first?
  • Who will you connect with?
  • What will you continue?
  • What will you modify?
  • What will you stop doing?

Unlike the abrupt manner in which we went into this lockdown, we need to be gentle. 

Re-enter mindfully, step lightly and show self-compassion.

Over these next couple of weeks ahead, I invite you to gently reflect on the following…

  • Are you living a life that is draining you?
  • Are you surrounded by people who leach your energy?
  • Are you working in a way that leaves your bucket more empty than filled?
  • Are you living beyond your means?
  • Are you putting your ‘dream-life’ on hold for your ‘should-do now’ life?
  • Are you facing major decisions due to the fall-out of the Covid19 shutdown?

Now is the time.

Now is the time to think anew.

Now is the time to lean into those dreams of a different life or way of being.

Now is the time to be courageous.

Now is the time to be strategic.

Now is the time to show love… to yourself first.


Like the butterfly, we will shortly come out of our chrysalis state.

We have a choice as to who we wish to be, what life we wish to live, and how we want to move forward.


Do you want to return to your old ‘normal’?

Or is there a ‘new-normal’ awaiting?


It is time.

The question is…

Is it your time? …

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