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coach, facilitator & assessor training

Covid has shifted the world in a myriad of ways.
What we do know however, is that it is having a huge impact on people and livelihoods.

This impact can have ripple-effects in an organisation.
Unhelpful behaviours can become extreme.
People who once managed their work and world, are now crumbling.
External pressures are having an impact on organisational internal emotional wellbeing.
Stakeholders are becoming more demanding.
Stuck-ness and reaction have replaced innovation and considered response.

We can’t let these patterns of behaviour become our new-normal.

If you are someone who wants to make a difference, to start a ripple (or tidal wave) within your organisation, or create your own business as an emotional intelligence coach, trainer and assessor, then it begins with emotional intelligence certification training.

RocheMartin Emotional Capital certification training. 

Internationally renown and recognised this training allows you to run Emotional Capital reports with youth, adults, for talent recruitment purposes, or with elite athletes. RocheMartin’s Online Emotional Intelligence Training qualifies you to deliver a range of Emotional Capital Reports, the world’s most effective tool in measuring and developing emotional intelligence in leaders, as well as  facilitate Emotional Capital workshops across organisations. It is the equivalent of our Three-Day face to face Certification training, and is split over 6 half day sessions.

Time factor: Six half days over two weeks.

Initial four half days of online training to give you an internationally recognised certification as a RocheMartin Emotional Capital coach, facilitator and assessor. 

This qualification allows you to run Emotional Capital reports within your organisation, coach participants and facilitate Emotional Capital workshops to build staff emotional intelligence capital.

Plus another two half day trainings to get fully certified as a RocheMartin organisational facilitator.

This qualification allows you to run Emotional Capital reports across organisations, coach participants and facilitate Emotional Capital workshops to build staff emotional intelligence capital.

What’s included?

Pre-workshop online module & ECR Self Assessment
Prior to attending the workshop all participants complete an online module (90 mins) introducing the science behind the development of the ECR including information explaining the scoring, interpretation and reliability and validity. You will also be sent a link to complete your own ECR Self.

Session One

  • Introduces you to the range of Emotional Capital Reports used by coaches and HR professionals.
  • Explores what emotional intelligence is, including its neurological and biological foundations as well as the research linking emotional intelligence and leadership performance.
  • Provides you with a thorough understanding of the history of emotional intelligence and the development of the ECR

Session Two

  • Explores the ten emotional intelligence competencies that support high performance life and business, including the psychological building blocks of how to develop them.
  • Provides you with skills to assess and interpret a range of ECR profiles to help individuals develop their skills.
  • Explores case studies to broaden and deepen expertise.

Session Three

  • Introduces the most practical and effective method for delivering powerful ECR feedback to clients including RocheMartin’s proprietary Transformational Assessment methodology published by the American Psychological Association.
  • Review of your personal ECR Self

Session Four

  • Introduction and exploration of the ECR 360 Multi-rater report and its use in leadership development
  • Advanced scoring and interpretation
  • Reviews the responsible and ethical use of psychological tests.
  • How to build the business case for emotional intelligence and introduce the value of emotional intelligence training to individuals and organisations.

Session Five – Facilitation training

  • Introduction to facilitation tools for ECR workshops
  • Facilitation techniques for ECR workshops
  • Resources and approaches to expand your repertoire.

Session Six- Facilitation training

  • Activating your learning: Facilitation of ECR element to a small group.
  • Feedback and next steps.


“We highly recommend this training to coaches looking to enhance their professional capability and to organisations who are looking for a robust assessment tool to support them in enabling positive and lasting change.”

DARREN ROBSON, Association for Coaching Director, Global Board

Workshop Includes

The best selling book ‘Emotional Capitalists – The Ultimate Guide for Developing Emotional Intelligence for Leaders.

• The ECR & ECR 360 Technical Manual detailing the rigorous scientific development of the ECR.

• Emotional Intelligence Certification Workbook providing detailed information on the use of the ECR & ECR 360

• An ECR Self-assessment to assess your own emotional intelligence.

• An ECR 360 assessment to use with a client for hands-on experience in delivering an ECR debrief.

• A box of Emotional Capital Workshop Cards for use with clients to explore the specific building blocks that underpin the skills of emotional intelligence.

• An Emotional Capital Workshop Workbook used to deliver structured workshops to professional groups within organisations.

• Earn internationally recognised Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points.

Dates and Times

4x half day sessions for initial certification.

Tuesday 29th Sept, Wednesday 30th Sept, Thursday 1st October, Friday 2nd Oct.

9am – 12.30pm

Plus 2x half day sessions for facilitation certification

Tuesday 6th Oct. & Thursday 8th Oct.

9am – 12.30pm 
All delivered on-line

Normally $3750 +gst 

Online Special  $2995 + gst

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