Eyes Wide Open

Last week at a team meeting, while we were celebrating our successes, there were moments when the gratitude in the virtual room was palpable.

As a collective, we know that our successes come from the support, time, and energy of others. 

Ehara taku toa i te toa takitahi, engari kē he toa takitini.

This whakatauki acknowledges team effort, that one’s success is due to the support and contribution of many. Just as it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a community/team to enable an individual’s success.

It is, however, easy to get caught up in our own world. To see only what affects us and view the world through the lens of our own experiences only.

Too much of this can cause us to come across as petulant, narrow-minded, selfish, lacking humility and ungrateful.

The bottom line is that it’s not all about us.

Working in a team requires that we keep our eyes wide open. That we consider other perspectives, seek to understand what else may be affecting the way things are done, and acknowledge the support of others.

This requires both empathy and relationship skills. An element of relational skills is mutuality. This means that we are collaborative and conciliatory. We can consider others, and then adapt when needed for the greater good.  Relationship skills are underpinned by our ability to make an emotional connection with people, listen attentively and be curious. In the context of ‘eyes wide open’, this means opening our eyes to consider what any situation might be like for a colleague, leader, or support staff. It requires us to step outside of ourselves and consider others.

This week I invite you to reflect upon the following:

  • How often are you asking for things, as opposed to offering support?
  • How often during a week are you making judgements on others based on your worldview?
  • How much of the big picture do you know, or venture to understand?
  • When was the last time you said a genuine thank you to the people who strive to make your job easier?

Eyes wide open this week peeps!

Ngā mihi nui


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  1. A great reflection in this time of getting things done before holidays and meeting deadlines when we are engrosed in our world. I would hope I am thanking people and helping. I know how easy it can be to drop into your own world. Made a decision today and told myself to accept and suck it up although I didnt want to agree.

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