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There was a time in my recent history when I lost everything I owned. I also inherited a pile of debt to try and fund.

The details of this are a story I share sparingly as part of my mahi. But in the near past, this time of year brought nothing but anxiety, fear and shame for me as a mother. 

I struggled to put an xmas lunch on the table, and provide my two sons with a small gift, let alone the stability of a roof over their heads. Despite trying to make it fun, it was damn HARD! 

There are many people struggling this xmas. There are also some who are not. Those, who, despite the hardships experienced by others, have flourished.

Worry, anxiety, fear, hurt, blame, shame, anger and depression are words that are becoming more commonly heard from people who you may have thought would be ok, yet are not.

Not being able to provide for your family is one of the worst feelings. It can also be so damn hard to ask for help. I remember going in to ask for governmental support, only to walk away feeling ashamed and desperate.

Once again, I say to you, my story is one of thousands… and could even be the story of your neighbour.


I know that at this time of year we want to be with loved ones, and spend time with them.

My call to you this year is to think of others. To show aroha for humankind. To look to your neighbours, those in your area, to those organisations who support others, and GIVE.

Give your time, your aroha, your service, your manaaki. Look beyond yourself to the wider picture. Look to the person you pass in the street. Look to the mother struggling in the supermarket with their children. Look to the person counting their pennies before putting things back before purchasing. Look to the child watching others riding their bikes. Look to the elderly who sit at their window, watching the world go by.

Look. Think. Act.

Now, more than ever, this is a time for connection and community, This is a time for us to be selfless in order to be connected.

So, as I sign-off for 2021, I urge you to step outside of yourselves and reach out to those around you.

Give, just GIVE.

Nga mihi nui
Mary-Anne xo

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