Has your joy bubble burst?

Rain, wind, hail, and single-digit temperatures. 

This time of year can see some people jumping for joy at the latest snowfall, whilst others hide away in dreams of a sun-soothing summer. Personally, I am just coming out of the other end after contracting “The Vid”. 

Overnight, I saw myself turn from a thirty-something (in my dreams), to what resembled a 120-year-old in the mirror. Coupled with my best performances of Sleeping Beauty, a covid chain-smoker, and amnesia patient, my mojo had certainly taken a beating!

For me, the winter season is also a time of battening down the hatches. Like a bear, I tend to hibernate, conserving my energy, until I can once again plug into the sun’s energy, and replenish my batteries. I know I’m not alone in this, and as I work alongside others, I notice many of us are feeling a bit ‘frayed’ and ‘frazzled’ at this time of the year.

When we feel as though we have so much to do, so many balls to juggle, there is no time to give to ourselves.

Like with the breath, there are moments of exhale and inhale, release, then contraction, and this is also true of our lives. We know moments of flow, fun and adaptability and also, recognise moments of focus, intent and single-mindedness; all of which blend like the breath in a process to create and continue our life energy. Our well-being and sense of purpose depend on both actions, or various actions, working together in a whole activity.

Soft and Strong: The new wave of feminine leadership.

So what can we do when we feel like our joy bubble has burst? 

Often we hear about showing compassion toward others, but what is the level of compassion we show to ourselves? 

How often do we “push through” when we are feeling exhausted, as opposed to pausing?

But what if we gave ourselves micro-moments throughout the day? This could include walking a little slower between errands, sitting and drinking a hot drink in silence, mindfully washing your hands, closing your laptop during lunch break, or taking that other way home so you can see the view. 

These micro-moments provide little bites of goodness that soothe your soul and create ‘mind-space’ during a busy day.

Finally, I would like to leave you with some lyrics to ponder from NZ Musician, Greg Johnson.

Save Yourself
by Greg Johnson

First, you save yourself
Then you save the world, first, you save yourself

You’re such a brilliant pearl
Living in an unforgiving world
And it doesn’t help us very much
If you throw the line to someone else
First, you save yourself
Then you save the world but first, you save yourself

Go well this week. 🙂


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