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How’s your emotional diet?

How's your emotional diet?

You don’t have to look far to see advertising or organisations promoting healthy movement and eating. They are everywhere! But to what extent are you mindful of your emotional diet?

We are aware of what we eat and how often we move, yet how aware are we of what we allow into our beings emotionally?

This week I provide some questions for your reflection.

To what extent do you: 

  • Seek the qualities in others?
  • Honour your personal boundaries?
  • Connect through respectful relationships?
  • Seek opportunities within challenges?
  • Set healthy goals?
  • Create space for your own mental recalibration?
  • Speak to yourself with kindness and compassion?
  • Rest or relax (including active relaxing options)?
  • Manage your digital diet?
  • Connect with nature or ’Earth’ yourself?
  • Expand your learning or experiences?
  • Care for others, animals and the environment?
  • Stop and appreciate the small things?
  • Do something you love that nurtures your soul?

A pivotal part of our wellbeing includes taking care of our “Emotional diet”.

Go well this week.
MA 🙂

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