I purchased a lounge suite.

I purchased a lounge suite.

Couriers across the nation have been rushed off their feet dashing here and there to connect online shoppers with their coveted lockdown purchases. 

Many lockdowners have spent their evenings perusing online shopping sites, looking for that ‘must-have’ item. 

I must admit, I lead a fairly minimalist life, so only the need-to-haves make it through to the final click. I even get excited when I click and collect my fruit and veggie box from the local collab. 😉 I prefer instead, to spend my earnings on experiences.

BUT, one item made it through. It was love at first sight. A connection to my childhood. 

As I flicked through the photos of my prospective lounge suite, memories flooded back. Lying, stretched down it’s length, feet just touching the end arm rests, head turned, intently watching the Brady Bunch. Goldie, our cat folded neatly in the hollow of my back, reigning over his territory. 

Then other memories, of when Mum was sick. Dad carrying her to rest on the sofa as I rushed to get a blanket.

Christmas family gatherings when the Aunts and Uncles would be fervently singing along to Bing Crosby, while us kids played spotlight amongst the shadowy trees.

The memories flooded back.

Connecting with the seller, she told me the lounge suite had belonged to her Nana. It had been in storage for 5 years. Prior to that, her nana had covered it in pale blue material, which she loved. The seller’s boyfriend however, didn’t think so much of the colour 😉

And so I clicked “Purchase”.

I was not only purchasing something I needed. I was purchasing something that connected me to my whakapapa. 

And in doing so, I was also connecting with another whānau’s whakapapa. Our stories were intertwining.

I was now the kaitiaki of a piece of furniture that had a story beyond our earthly beings. It was a taonga to be cherished, to go-on to create even more memories. 


And so, yes, I purchased a lounge suite. 

But in doing so, I received so much more than that.

Whiria te taura here tāngata

Bind together the strands of humanity.

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  1. I hope you enjoy every minute of laying on the couch. In talking about connection or connecting. I used to teach philosophy, ethics and the theory of knowledge. One of the topics was self-identity (understanding), beauty and goodness. Anyway, I used to play this clip. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fw7FhU-G1_Q&t=10s.
    The students loved it. Your blog reminded me of this clip.

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