There are plenty of speakers to choose from. How about bringing in your very own whip-cracking sh*t-shifter for the conference or all-staff day.

Give me a stage and I’ll own it. Give me a room and I’ll energise it. Give me your people and I’ll provoke* and inspire them.

*Riding crop optional.

I’m not the norm. I’m barely even appropriate. I’m sassy, authentically real and have a deeply positive perspective. I’ve lived. I’ve led. Want your people to feel just provoked enough to really look inside? Want them to shift, move, grow?

For the record – I do have a filter. I just prefer not to engage it if I don’t have to. (And also for the record? People LOVE that.)

I can speak on

  • Shine that s#*t: Creating a life by design.
  • Sort that s#*t: Putting the ‘well’ back in your ‘being’
  • S#*t hot!: Creating connected, agile teams.
  • Lead like ‘The S#*t’: Emotional Intelligence for Leadership

Got a stage.

Put your email here, let me know what you need the whip cracked on and I will be in touch. 

Contact Mary-Anne

I want to help you and your organisation shift your sh*t.
Tell me what you need, and I’ll be in touch real soon.