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If it feels hard, then it is.

Do you ever find that there are times when something you are working on flows easily and smoothly, yet other times it can feel like a real grind?

We all know this feeling. Right? It’s a bit like trying to walk through mud backwards with your gumboots on! No matter what we do, things just feel hard. Yet other times, it’s like time flies; you traverse to another level of creating, and you can’t believe how easily things come together.

Let me explain. The other day I was working alongside some leaders with some strategic mahi. Initially they were stuck in compliance and get s*%t done mode. Whilst I too like to accomplish things, their mindset was hindering the process.

So we changed it up.

They reconnected with their purpose, their inner compass and drive. 

  • What were they collectively here to do, and for whom?
  • What values and principles underpinned their mahi?
  • Who did they need to support this development?

And then…

Energy shifted.

Minds released.

We were away!

Researcher and all-round guru of all things positive psychology, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi speaks about the idea of “Flow” (also known as being in “the zone”).

It is the intersection between challenge level and skill level. Another words, it is when we love what we do and feel we are achieving something purposeful. It’s like we sit outside of ego, and place an empty space in front of ourselves to explore what could-be.

There is a mindset that supports this practice. I call this Everything, Nothing, Anything.

We bring all our collective knowledge, experiences, worldviews and whakapapa to the table;  Our Everything. It sits around our shoulders like a korowai. 

We then place in front of us a space of Nothing – Te Pō. A place devoid of ego, agendas, and assumptions. It is a scared space. A space where ideas can be placed, and explored with pure curiosity and possibility. It is the place of potential.

From there rises a space of Anything – Te Ao. It is a space of co-creation, energy, passion, purpose and commmitment. It is the space where magic happens and growth occurs. It is new life.

And so my friends, it is easy for us to be caught in compliance, box-ticking, and feeling as though things are hard. 

As you hikoi into this coming week, consider:

  • What supports you to get into a place of flow?
  • What mindset do you need to embrace?
  • Who do you need to be?
  • What energy do you need to bring?

Ngā mihi nui ehoa mā


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