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Is your organisational culture infected?

Is your organisational culture infected?

The term “virus” has taken a more profound meaning in current times. Covid19 virus continues to infect and decimate humankind across the world. Its effects have not only impacted human mortality, but has also infected finances, work, housing, relationships; and so much more.

As organisations have responded, pivoted and regrouped, some have fared better than others. Whilst some have risen stronger, more agile and collaborative, others are struggling to recover from an infection that has reached their very core. Their cultures are sick, unhealthy, and even toxic to the point where it is difficult to survive.

So what is organisational culture?

Organisational culture is the collection of values, expectations, and practices that guide and inform the actions of all team members. They are ways of being that are developed and upheld both individually and collectively.

We are all Culture-Creators and Culture-Keepers

Healthy Organisational Culture: What it is and What it isn’t.

In my line of work, I am often called upon to support and guide organisations to heal their culture. It’s both difficult and rewarding work. In my 10+ years of research-based practice in this field, I’ve identified some indicators of what it is and what it isn’t to have a healthy organisational culture.

Is your organisational culture infected?

Take some time this coming week to reflect:

What’s the health of your organisational culture?

What’s your part to play in this?

Go well

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