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It’s normal to do a bit of ‘Storming’.

I have been recently bringing onboard some incredible facilitators into my MoE accredited Professional Learning and Development business Momentum Learning Ltd. I am super excited with their skills, energy and experience, and can’t wait to work alongside them.

We are currently in the process of transitioning, where we are learning about each other, navigating the terrain of our specialised work and going through the systems and processes or our mahi as we prepare for 2021.

In this transitioning phase we are being accommodating and super helpful towards each other.

I do however know that this time may not last. That there will be times of rub. Times when mental models will differ. Emotions may become heightened. Times when we are in what Tuckman calls the “Storming” phase of group formation.

Tuckman's Team and Group Development Model

I also know that this is normal. Like any relationship, there is a settling-in period.

It is however, our level of awareness and Emotional Intelligence that will support us to come through this phase quickly and gracefully. It will be our ability to talk through tricky situations, rather than pack-a-tanny. To show empathy over blame, and employ active listening, over a my-way-or-the-highway approach.

For those who dislike moments of ‘rub’, it’s an inevitable part of peopling-together. No amount of running, or pretending it will automatically go away will address the issues as they arise. It requires us to face them, to keep communicating, and to find a place of common understanding.

From there we are able to reach a state of “Normaling”. This is when we have normalised our way of being and working together. Common understandings are reached, and agreements made.

So for my incredible team as we move from forming, through storming and into norming, it will then be a matter of watch out world, we will be skating into Performing and Transforming in no time!

At this time of year as you possibly head into bringing on new team members, or moving into new contexts, consider Tuckman’s model and realise that it’s normal to go through these phases. It’s not however ‘normal’ to get stuck in any one phase.

Furthermore, as a leader, how are you supporting your people to navigate these stages?

Want to dig a little deeper? 

Check out my Emotionally Intelligent Leadership, seminar series in 2021.

7 ways to become a more Emotionally Intelligent Leader Download

Want to know the 7 ways to become a more Emotionally Intelligent Leader?

Have you wondered why emotional intelligence is so important for leaders to develop?

It can be tough as a leader. Not only are you managing your team’s work, you’re also building relationships, managing difficult emotions and having those tricky conversations with them. Getting through these areas of leadership can be learned skills, but where do you start?

As a leader myself, and having worked with many others, I’ve noticed that having a strong foundation in EI allows us leaders to move through these tough areas of leadership with more empathy and compassion towards ourselves and our team.

So, if you’re ready to create deliberate acts of self-leadership to develop your emotional intelligence (that will then reflect in your work), then I would like to invite you to join me in my upcoming Emotionally Intelligent Leadership Seminar Series starting 5 Feb 2021.


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