"Leading from the Middle"

Too often people are in positions of leadership who have limited experience in the complexities of leading people…and in particular, leading people through change.

In education, I see this within both the CoL structure and Team Leader roles. Expert teachers are placed in positions of across or within-school CoL lead-teachers or Team Leader roles and are expected to support teachers to develop their practice without learning HOW.

It’s time to support your middle leaders!

Levelled-Up Leadership.
An online mastermind group for leadership professionals.

As leaders, your jobs are both exciting and challenging. No day is the same. You are strategist, communicator, administrator, culture-builder, financier, counsellor, and the list goes on. This is demanding and can, at times, challenge your own internal calibration. Your people need you to lead in these times of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity with an unshakeable sense of self and presence, to be both soft and strong in your approach. To engender trust and build a team that thrives.

Leading can also be HARD!

You can feel alone, you have to maintain professionalism, yet at times you just want to be able to speak confidentially with others who ‘get-it’.

Maybe you are yearning for deep dialogue with other thought-leaders, to be challenged in a way that leaves you energy-filled, rather than depleted.

Perhaps you also want to learn or fine-tune some of your skills in a safe space within a supportive, confidential environment.

I get it. I’ve been there. This is for YOU…


Levelled-Up Leadership:

An online mastermind group for leadership professionals.

This leadership enhancement program is truly transformational. It combines learning methodologies with a learning-journey structure, so that you experience enduring improvements in your emotional intelligence and people-leadership. It is designed for leadership professionals who wish to:

  • Develop new connections and expand their network.

  • Facilitate difficult conversations with confidence,

  • Feel less stressed and better equipped to manage high work demands,

  • Create a psychologically healthy work environment for others,

  • Optimise collective strengths and open-to-learning mindsets

  • Lead people through change in a manner that has collective engagement.

  • Expand their own thought-leadership through deep dialogue with like-minded professionals.


6-month "Levelled-Up Leadership" professional online mastermind group for people-leaders.

  • Introduction to Human-Centered Leadership and Emotional Intelligence for Leadership.
  • Understanding your Emotional Capital self assessment.
  • Setting development goals.

Note: Prior to session you will be sent a link to an online Emotional Capital self-assessment to be completed before session 1.


  • Self Leadership:  Managing myself.
  • Group discussion and coaching.


  • Teaming: creating collective engagement and inspiring performance.
  • Group discussion and coaching.


  • Critical conversations for tricky situations.
  • Group discussion and coaching.


  • Influential leadership: Leading sustained change.
  • Group discussion and coaching.

Time 2 Emotional Capital Assessment to be completed prior to session six.


  • Integrating and Optimising gains.
  • Group discussion and coaching.

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1:1 Coaching & Mentoring for Leaders

Research shows that when you have someone who ‘gets-it’, yet is slightly removed from your context to walk alongside you and ask the deep questions, accelerated progress is made.

As your coach & mentor, I will have your back, hold you to account (aka crack that whip), mop your tears and be your biggest cheerleader. 

Let’s do this!

3 Month - 1:1 Coaching & Mentoring

3 months walking alongside you to create a plan, create the right systems and embed habits for change. Bi-monthly 1 hour online mentoring sessions. Online support in between 1:1 mentoring.

$895+GST per month

$2,400+GST one-time payment

12 Month 1:1 Coaching & Mentoring

12 months walking alongside you to create a plan, create the right systems and embed habits for change. Monthly 1 hour online mentoring sessions (location dependent). including follow up actions and readings/viewings. Online support in between 1:1 mentoring.

As your coach, I will have your back, hold you to account, mop your tears and be your biggest cheerleader. Let’s do this!

$495+GST per month

$5,445+GST one-time payment

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