Leadership in times of complexity

I have the privilege of working alongside leaders as they navigate the complexities of their world and roles.

Currently this is a time of unprecedented complexity as more and more information comes to hand around Covid19.

As leaders, you navigate competing demands to make the best decision with current information at hand. It’s complex.

There are key qualities I see a leader needs during complex times such as these.

They need a

  • Strong head
  • Open heart
  • Grounded values
  • and Agile feet

Let me explain further …

Strong head: Logical thinking that calls upon the facts, looks at the evidence and strategically weighs information-up.

Open heart: A heart-space that is open to others without judgement or prejudice.

Grounded Values: Leadership that is deeply steeped in your Why and both personal and organisational core values.

Agile feet: An ability to be agile and adaptive in how you operate and respond to changes around you.

Please know that you’ve got this. You have what you need to navigate these times of uncertainty. It’s inside you. Call it up, bring it forward and trust it.

You’ve got this! And know you’re not alone.

MA 🙂

Like a lot of my clients, you might be wondering how to keep your learning initiatives going in these disruptive times. I’m in the thick of creative planning with many clients about how we can help their people to thrive, and we’re coming up with some super-cool solutions. I am also still coaching and mentoring, and holding professional learning sessions virtually. If you’d like to chat about what’s possible, drop me a line.

MA :)

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