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Leading with Humility and Humanity.

Leading with Humility and Humanity

I love learning, and when I find myself getting bogged-down, I will explore something new or listen to someone who inspires me.

Last week I was part of a Conversation with Richard Branson. Organised by an online learning company, I revelled in his story-telling, energy, positivity and insight. My cup was refilled.

If I were to summarise the essence of his being and approach to leadership, it would be in two words: Humility and Humanity.

Let me explain.

Growing others. Fostering ‘Deputees’. This includes delegating with trust and support. By being off-site at times to allow people to see the Deputees as capable leaders. 

Vulnerability. Sharing parts of his life in a way that enhances the story, and creates connection. Note this was not a pity-party approach.

Second chances. As a person who has also experienced many second chances, he embraces this as an ethos. An example being when he employed a person who had done time for a crime as his head of security. 

Embracing diversity. Creating policies that demand inclusivity and develop a diverse workforce.

Promote from within. If you have led well, you will have grown people who are ready to step-up. They know your values, systems, and people.

Listen…deeply. People generally leave organisations because they feel no-one is interested in their ideas, or no-one listens to them. 

You have to care for the people who care for your customers. It’s the ripple effect.

Finally, I will leave you with a quote he shared:

“The brave may not live forever,

But the cautious may not live at all”.

Richard Branson.

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  1. Thank you Mary-Anne; excellent blog. I have been a “follower” of Richard Branson ever since reading his first book when it came out. he continues to inspire.

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