It's time to bloom

If, in the words of the great Anais Nin, the day has now come when you’ve realised that “the risk to remain tight in a bud [is] more painful than the risk it [will take] to blossom,” MistressMind is where you need to be.

Because you can't not

You can’t keep going through each day knowing there’s more.

You can’t stay in that job knowing you’re being held back.

You can’t sit in another meeting biting your tongue.

You can’t keep taking up the smallest amount of space possible.

You can see that you are supposed to be more, and you can’t not

Find your voice. Find your lady balls. F*ck it – find it all.

You’ll spend 6-months in a curated online community of like-minded women who want to find their voice. And who will guide you? The Whip-cracking Shit-Shifter herself, Mary-Anne Murphy.
She once lay conscious but paralysed through a horrific surgery.
She once lost everything because of secret financial decisions.
She’s known what it’s like to not have a voice.
And she’s not taking that shit anymore.

Me either. Sign me up.

Pay monthly



Pay upfront

$2695+gst one-time payment

(save over $300)

For 6 months, you get

  • On online tribe of like-minded women 24/7, with regular coaching, guidance, and prompts from Mary-Anne
  • Monthly live webinars you can rewatch anytime.
  • An e-workbook to guide your thinking and reflection
  • Emotional Intelligence for Leadership Self Assessment
  • 2 x 1 hour 1:1 online coaching sessions

We'll cover this and so much more

  • Why me? Why now? Values and purpose.
  • How to be in your MistressMind – self-leadership and leveraging on your strengths
  • Flip the shitty script: Recognising and re-writing unhelpful thinking patterns
  • EQ – emotional intelligence. You have it – how to use it for amazing outcomes
  • Boundaries, bitch! How to set and assert them.

MistressMind 2020 Intakes

(all sessions start at 7:30pm)

First intake

Monday 13 January
Monday 10 February
Monday 9 March
Monday 6 April
Monday 11 May
Monday 8  June

Second Intake

Monday 20 July 
Monday 10 August
Monday 14 September
Monday 12 October
Monday 9 November
Monday 14 December

I can't not

Pay monthly



Pay upfront

$2695+gst one-time payment

(save over $300)

Do epic sh*t! Me-treats for women leaders

Do you feel like you are on the treadmill with no sense of purpose? Do you want a purpose-filled life?

I have created a weekend retreat!

Nestled in the bush in West Auckland, you can enjoy 2 days & 2 nights being nourished, rested and reset.

A wonderful time to assess your life and plan ahead. To take some time for yourself, and decide what your next 5 years might look like…

Arrive Friday for a delicious dinner and leave Sunday afternoon.

Based on twin share accommodation and a shared bathroom facility.
Note: Single room with shared bathroom is an extra $25.

21 – 23 August 2020

Aio Wira, West Auckland

Contact Mary-Anne

I want to help you and your organisation shift your sh*t.
Tell me what you need, and I’ll be in touch real soon.