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Partnership, Participation, Protection: Let’s turn the mirror towards us.

Partnership, Participation, Protection Let’s turn the mirror towards us.

Last weekend we celebrated Waitangi Day. A day of significance for us as a country. A day where actions that occurred many years ago, have sent ripples across generations. As each year unfolds, I am hopeful that we are moving closer to the essence of the principles of Te Tiriti o Waitangi: Partnership, Participation and Protection.

This week, I wanted to invite you to turn the lens inward. In our lives as leaders, we are constantly looking outward in support of those we lead. We seek to ensure these principles are lived in our organisations. But, this week I want to support you to consider what the principles of Partnership, Participation and Protection mean for you personally.

Partnership: How are you partnering with yourself?
Do you allow the voices of critics who are not in the arena to influence you?
Are you wedded to the voice of self-doubt?
Are the words you say to yourself ones you would never say to anyone else?
Do you put your own needs last over others – constantly?

Participation: How might you be holding yourself back from your greatness?
What are you putting-off for when you are ‘ready’?
Is your voice heard?
Are you watching your life, rather than leading it?
Are you using your gifts and strengths?

Protection: How are you looking after You?
Where have you allowed your values to be compromised?
How is your hauora situated?
What’s draining versus giving you energy?
Are you clear on what you need and asking for it?

Remember, like the flow of the tides, we need to both give and receive. So take a moment to reflect on how the 3P’s are situated for you personally.

I’d love to hear your thoughts, so feel free to drop me a line.

Ngā mihi nui
Mary-Anne 🙂

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