8 week online re-set programme for teams

$1760 + GST per team for the entire 8 weeks.

$1,760.00 +gst

Covid19 has provided us both with opportunities and challenges.

The lockdown has caused huge financial stress for many families, forced people to operate in different ways and challenged connectedness.

It has also shone a light on our collective strength. It has shown what can happen when people are faced with a challenge and collective vision.

Perhaps over this time, your team has become stronger, more cohesive and focused. Maybe also it has highlighted the cracks. Miscommunication, me versus we mentality, or behaviours that break trust.

Maybe you have also been in a holding-pattern, and are ready to plan forward for some new initiatives or ways of working.

As we move down the Covid19 levels, now is the time to gently recalibrate. To realign, reaffirm and reset your team ways of working, collective vision, strategic plan and communication. It is time to review what’s worked and how you wish to move forward.

This online programme is created specifically for teams wanting to move forward with cohesion and commitment. It is for you to collectively recalibrate, enquire, re-set and plan forward.

Examples of what you might like to work on:

  • You may want to learn strategies to become unshakeable during times of disruption.
  • Maybe you want to learn how to include some online learning platforms in your new ways of working.
  • Perhaps you want to reimagine new ways of professional learning and working for your team.
  • You may even want to review how you appraise performance.

It is offered in bite-sized 60-minute weekly sessions over eight weeks. The programme is personalised to your teams needs with co-constructed measurable outcomes each session.

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