Psychological Safety in the Workplace

With the move to hybrid ways of working, exhausted front-liners, and segregated work environments, organisational culture can be at risk of becoming disconnected from their people.

Separated teams limiting their cross-connection in an effort to minimise the potential impact of an omicron outbreak, creates silos. Frazzled people covering for each other, as best they can, can lower energy and patience. Trying to meet the needs of all, can leave you feeling like you aren’t giving anything your best.

Moreover, at the very core of things, we can become disconnected from ourselves. 

Holding our heads above water, as the waves of shifting realities wash over us, we can find ourselves treading water each week, waiting until we can reach the shoreline of the weekend…only to begin it all again.

Little things can get on top of us. Over-extended, we reach the outer limits of our base way of being, into thoughts and behaviours that we rarely go to. This can be scary and distressing all at once, as we wonder if we will ever get back to our “old selves” again.

Psychological safety, both for ourselves and within organisations is critical, not just during difficult times such as these, but as a naturalised way of being.

On Monday 21st March, between 6-7pm, I have invited the incredible Marni Stevenson to share her mahi in the field of Creating A Psychologically Safe Workplace. Marni is a powerhouse in her own right. She is someone whose integrity, work and conviction I deeply admire. She brings both a wealth of experience in the field, deep research, and a lens across multiple contexts. Marni walks her talk with sass and purpose.

I invite you to join me for a webinar with Marni. In this time, she will share research, stories, and practical ways to work towards developing A Psychologically Safe Work Environment.

Click here to secure your spot – I can’t wait to see you there.

Go well this week.


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