Self Leadership: It begins with me

Authentic leadership does not come from the outside in. It comes from the inside out. Inside out leadership means becoming the author of your own story and the maker of your own his/her-story. 

(JM Kouzes – ‎2008)

If time and pressure can turn dinosaur sh*t to diamonds, we can sure shine ours ‘til it sparkles and shines the light on a life and mahi we love. We’ll cover:

• Recognising and breaking-through self limiting beliefs
• Developing emotional intelligence for leading yourself and others
• Reinstating personal and professional boundaries
• ‘Fertilising’ your world with gratitude
• Planning for your future


Things you’ll want to know. 

Anyone wanting to recreate a life they love.

9 – 3pm
1 day

Up to 20 people.

Complete online questionnaires.


1:1 coaching
Mistress Mind group coaching

Thursday February 20th.
The Verandah, Hamilton Lake. (Ample parking at the lake).

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