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Soft & Strong Leadership

As leaders, your jobs are both exciting and challenging. No day is the same. You are strategist, communicator, administrator, culture-builder, financier, counsellor, and the list goes on. This is demanding and can, at times, challenge your own internal calibration. Your people need you to lead in these times of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity with an unshakeable sense of self and presence, to be both soft and strong in your approach. To engender trust and build a team that thrives.

Leading can also be HARD, particularly as a female leader.

Challenging accepted norms and narratives can be tricky.

Backing yourself and silencing your inner critic to be able to take the leap into something you have been yearning for takes courage and grit.

Managing the flow between your masculine and feminine, light and shadow and soft and strong energies can be tiring.

Dealing with unconscious bias can be frustrating.

A sense of isolation, even amidst a crowd is lonely.

Trying to prove yourself worthy, isolates you from yourself even further.

I get it. I’ve been there. There is a different way.

Soft & Strong Leadership is truly transformational.

It combines collective and personal guidance so that you experience enduring improvements in your emotional intelligence and people-leadership.

What you get:

What you also get:

When am I going to fit this in? (I hear you asking)

Because I know how busy your days can be, I have scheduled the online sessions for Monday 7:00pm each month from March – July 2021.

This means you can bring your cuppa with you, settle down in the comfort of your own home and connect with your tribe for an hour each month. Each month will have a theme, and some will include a guest speaker.

How much?

Usually this is $2450 +GST, but for you, there is an early bird offer of $2295+GST (before 4th December) for the full 5 months of deep learning and dialogue.

I would love to work alongside you.

I would love for you to be surrounded by other incredible humans who can support and challenge you.

And I would love for us to make magic in your career and life.

Dates: March – July

1st Monday of each month, beginning 1st March 2021

Time: 7:00pm – 8:00pm 

via a private zoom space.

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