Taking the panic out of public speaking.

Did you know this is one of the most commonly reported fears? Being in the spotlight, and speaking in front of an audience. Well not only will we beat the fear but you’ll learn how to WOW and audience. Get the skills and strategies to plan for and deliver messages with confidence and precision in a way that captures your personality and leaves your audience wanting more. We’ll cover:

  • Overcoming nerves
  • Getting the message clear
  • Sharing information multiple ways so it sticks
  • Audience participation techniques.
  • Non-verbal cues.
  • Story-telling
  • Visual story-telling


Things you’ll want to know. 

For leaders who are ready to own it, step up and speak publicly to WOW their audience.

9 – 3pm
2 days

Up to 20 people.

Complete online questionnaires.


1:1 coaching

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