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The Opposites ‘Game’

Sometimes navigating this thing called life can be tricky.

Over our lifetime, we compile a compendium of behaviours and responses to different situations. These became our go-to patterns of behaviour. We use these to keep us safe, because they’ve worked before in other situations, and quite frankly, they can sometimes be all we’ve got at that point and time.

Over the past few years, I’ve been playing with the concept of opposites.

That is, where I have a learned behavioural response to any situation, I apply the concept of opposite behaviour to it…obviously with critical thought beforehand! 

Let me explain…

  • Where I may want to run from a situation when it gets uncomfortable or tricky, I stop, turn and consider embracing it.
  • When fear grips me, and I want to hide and play safe, I force myself (in some instances), to face it, and walk towards it.
  • When I feel the walls of my world becoming smaller and self-protective, I extend my sphere towards Playing Big and being expansive.
  • When I think there is not enough, I practice gratitude and service.
  • When I feel alone and isolate myself, thinking it’s me against the world, I reach to connect.
  • When I feel misunderstood and unheard, I seek first to listen and understand.
  • When there are moments of despair or despondency, I seek the moments of joy or giving joy.
  • When I am dubious of people’s motives, I practice embracing them through the lens of positive intent.

What I have found, in doing this practice, is:

  • My world has expanded and become even more colourful and vibrant.
  • Joyfulness and gratitude is abundant.
  • I am connected more than ever, both to myself, and others.
  • Opportunities come to me.
  • Like-minded people come into my tribe.
  • I am heard, and seen on a whole other level.
  • I see the gold in others, and they see mine.
  • I am empathetic with boundaries.
  • I chose to Play Big.

In my courage and vulnerability, I have created a life that I love.

How might the Opposites Game support you to reach for your higher self?

Big aroha and kia kaha
Mary-Anne 🙂

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