The significance of getting out of my work clothes

It’s the end of the work day.

I am slightly stuffed, but satisfied.

I place my laptop bag on a chair and begin to rustle around for something for dinner (cooking and I don’t go together).

Before long, I stopped. I notice I am still in work mode. I still have my work clothes on and my mind hasn’t yet transitioned from work to home.

As a business owner and facilitator/speaker, work is a constant hum in the background, but I have come to realise that there are certain things I can do, rituals I can put in place to ensure it stays a hum, rather than a roar inside my head.

So the first thing I do is get out of my work clothes. This action in itself allows me to physically and mentally transition into a home state. It is a ritual I have built into my life.

John Kirwan also speaks of rituals that are good for well-being. He speaks of three rituals we can try.

After Work: Having a ritual that helps you transition from work to home life. This might include some movement to clear your head and make you feel more relaxed. It could be playing with the kids, taking the dog for a run, or catching up with friends for a walk. A favourite of mine is cranking up the stereo and having a good sing-a-long and kanikani.

It might only need to take 5 minutes but can help you move from one phase into the next. 

Dinner time: Sharing the events of our day with family or flatties can also be a great way to unpack things and process what we’ve experienced. If you live alone, this could be done with a friend on the phone, or even in your own mind, or via writing it down. One way to do this is for each person to share: One thing they enjoyed from their day or that they felt proud of themselves for, and one thing that challenged them. One thing that they are excited for or looking forward to in the (near) future. It normalises that every day is full of different emotions but leaves us focussed on something positive. 

In the evenings: Finishing the day by reflecting on three things you’re thankful for. Regularly practising gratitude is linked with greater happiness and reduced depressive symptoms. It puts our headspace in a positive space ahead of resting.

What rituals have you put in place for yourself? I would love to hear!

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