There is a season.

Brown Labrador

This week I wish to be a wee bit more vulnerable. To share a part of me that I keep private. I do this because I know we have all experienced life…and loss, and I think there is learning in this. 

This past week I have had to farewell a member of my family. Her name is Daisy. She is a chocolate lab with spunk, sass and the most loving eyes anyone could wish to look into.

Despite a separation within the human part of the ‘family’, Daisy has been the constant.
We adopted her from a beautiful family who were wrangling with young brother and sister labs. If any of you know what it’s like to have twins, or even young children 12 months apart (yes, I am also one of those!!), then you will know that the phrase ‘energy-overload’ is an utter understatement!

And so, Daisy became one of the whānau. She ran with the kids, cows, sheep, deer and anyone she could possibly find to embrace. Her heartfelt zest for love, affection and life was infectious. 

As a lab, bred into her genes, was a love of hunting. At certain times of the year, her blood would rise, ears prick and she would be at the ready. This was in her blood, and something she revelled in.

Daisy was also a fine friend and companion for my two boys. She would go on adventures with them, and I’m not quite sure who would eventually coax who home for dinner, but they would eventually arrive done-and-dusted on the doorstep.

I am sure, you, have experienced times of loss in your life. Times when you have had to say goodbye to a piece of your life and heart that at the time feels utterly impossible to do; but we do. And we continue; although feeling broken… we continue.
I have done this with both my parents and other family members.

I also know that in loss, there is gratitude. There is a deep gratitude for their gifts. For everything they have taught us, the trials they have placed before us, and the love they have shown. 

So this week, I wish to dedicate my post to Daisy. The most intelligent, sassy fun-loving, kind-hearted girl-dog anyone would wish to meet.

For everything, there is a season. Be grateful.

Big love

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