Mary-Anne’s known for her heart-of-gold, take -no-shit approach to self-leadership and team culture. Need some of that in your life? You can use all the consultants in the world but if your people don’t find their voices and your leadership isn’t  on point, nothing’s going to get you there. 

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Levelled-Up Leadership

Moving through and reflecting on the three stages of leadership; inner leadership, outer leadership and other leadership, the Levelled-up Leadership workbook will guide you to leverage your strengths as as a leader, empowering you to create community, become connected and centred as you level up your leadership.

The workbook contains reflective spaces, allowing you to keep notes as you work through the book.

Levelled up Leadership Workbook


Levelled up Leadership Workbook (E-Book)


Book Excerpt

Leadership is complex!

Sometimes it can be a bit like juggling while you are riding a unicycle across a tightrope, with people below taking potshots at you. Other times it can feel like being in a Canadian canoe with everyone on board and the water guiding you to a magical destination. Most of the time it is a mix of the two, all at once, and with every other possibility in there for good measure!

I often see people who are fabulous at their chosen profession flounder when they move into a leadership position. They are technically and intellectually savvy experts in what they do, yet struggle when it comes to people leadership. They are expected to have the same level of expertise they had in their initial field of expertise. Take a moment to consider how long it has taken you to become an expert in your field…10–15 years? And yet people are often expected to become expert leaders overnight.


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