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What are the new “Secret-Sauce” qualities for leaders of the future?

What are the new Secret-Sauce qualities for leaders of the future

Leadership is my ‘thing’.
After completing a Masters in Educational Leadership a few years ago, I learnt to appreciate more deeply the lineage of research in relation to theories and activation of leadership.

What I learnt was that leadership is no longer about managing people. It’s the complex interplay of strategy, systems, people and desired outcomes.

In the past year or so, leading in our VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous) world, has required some other capabilities from leaders and their teams.

There are three new capabilities that I’ve noticed emerging in the leadership profession. I call these the new “secret-sauce” of leadership.

1. Emotionally Present: A leader who is self aware, is able to read their environment, and is able to understand, then bring the best out in those they lead. A leader who deeply understands that they cannot change anyone; they can only change what they do in order to influence others.

2. Culturally Capable: A leader who empowers those they lead to bring all of themselves to their mahi. To deeply honour the bicultural commitment of Te Tiriti o Waitangi, and embrace the multicultural nature of our communities.

3. Spiritually Connected: A leader who is spiritually healthy, who is connected to a cause greater than themselves and their ego (eg: service to their community, etc).

As you go into this week reflect on

  • What are your leadership strengths?
  • Do you allow yourself to be emotionally present and culturally aware?
  • Do your desired outcomes for your team and projects reach beyond the workplace and into the community?
  • Is there one area from above that you might like to lean/learn-into for the week?


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