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What size are yours?

ladies bloomers linking to blog post about judgy pants

We all have them.
They can differ in sizes: from the meagre thong, to the under-the-armpit knee-reaching kind.
And to be honest, I haven’t yet met someone who goes ‘commando’ in this realm.

I’m talking about “Judgy-pants”.

You see, “Judgy-pants” come in different sizes.

So let me explain…

At the more subtle end, we have the thong judgy-pants. These are worn by those people who have the catch-phrase “Each to their own”. They are rarely phased by what others do or say, and will often shrug-off in-coming judginess towards them. These people move to the beat of their own drum. They aren’t overly concerned by what others think of them, nor are they overly concerned about what others do in their own lives. They rarely comment on others in a negative manner.

Next we have the hipster, or brief-trunk judgy-pants. These are worn by people who will occasionally have something derogatory to say about someone or something that doesn’t fit with their worldview. It may be “That’s an interesting top they are wearing”, or “I would’ve done that differently”. Their judginess is there, but it doesn’t impact directly on the people they are judging.

Moving up in size, we have the brief, or short-boxer judgy pants. These are worn by people who like to have their judginess heard. They are the people who will say to your face “I wouldn’t have done it that way” (Note always after the fact). They will also offer ‘advice’, usually starting with the preface “If I were you…”. They are like the passive-aggressive version of judgy-pants.

Second-to-severe, we have the full-brief, or long-boxer judgy-pants. These are reserved for those who will outwardly tell you what they would’ve done. It may sound something like “I think you should’ve done it this way…”. They are in-your-face judgy-bums. They will also occasionally internalise their judginess, with such thoughts as “What are they doing?”, or “Would you look at that!”

Finally, the most severe kind of judgy pants are the under-the-armpit, knee-reaching full-on bloomers. People who wear these pants are constantly making judgements about others, whether it be internally, or outwardly to people’s faces “You’re wrong”, or “That’s not ‘right’”. They are the Israel Adesanya (full-combat world champ) of judgy-pants.

So my question for you this week is:

What sized judgy-pants are you wearing? 😉

Have you wondered why emotional intelligence is so important for leaders to develop?

It can be tough as a leader. Not only are you managing your team’s work, you’re also building relationships, managing difficult emotions and having those tricky conversations with them. Getting through these areas of leadership can be learned skills, but where do you start?

As a leader myself, and having worked with many others, I’ve noticed that having a strong foundation in EI allows us leaders to move through these tough areas of leadership with more empathy and compassion towards ourselves and our team.

So, if you’re ready to create deliberate acts of self-leadership to develop your emotional intelligence (that will then reflect in your work), then I would like to invite you to join me in my upcoming Emotionally Intelligent Leadership Seminar Series starting 5 Feb 2021.


Are you a school interested in using MoE PLD hours to attend? 

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